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St. Peter's Church,

Stoke upon Tern


Mrs Janice Bradley

Mrs Jan Wattleworth

P.C.C. Secretary

Jill Pais


Janice Bradley


Irene Walton

Electoral Roll

Mr Phil Wattleworth

PCC representative

Mrs Sue Wiggin



Sunday Service Details

Weekday Service Details

 The church building is Victorian, dating to 1874-75. It contains some very early Kempe stained glass (1876)

The following Stoke on Tern registers are held in the church:-
1. Burials, from 1877 to the present, and a listing of the churchyard from 1904 onwards.
2. Baptisms from 1910 onwards.
3. Confirmations from 1902 onwards.
4. Services in St. Peter's Church from 1972 to the present.
5. Banns of Marriage from 1953 to the present, and Weddings for just the last few years at the moment.